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Hi, I’m Maritza Acevedo – Your Trusted Expert in Professional Development, Team-Building, and Coaching Services!

As a distinguished Certified Leadership and Professional Development Trainer, Team Dynamics Specialist and Certified Life and Relationship Coach, I bring over 16 years of expertise to the table. My reputation is built on dynamic presentations and cutting-edge programs designed to empower individuals and teams to achieve their highest potential.

My track record includes the successful design of leadership and professional development programs tailored for both federal agencies and private organizations. I’ve also formulated comprehensive morale-boosting initiatives and team-building strategies that seamlessly align with the employee engagement goals of federal and corporate entities. These efforts have earned me recognition from directors and senior leaders from an array of distinguished organizations. I’ve been honored to be acknowledged as a subject matter expert in team-building facilitation.

If you’re seeking an expert who can drive your professional growth, build resilient teams, and inspire through thought-provoking masterminds (training programs), you’ve come to the right place. Explore my offerings and experience the transformation.

Our Testimonials

Dr. Lavonya Douglas

“Maritza has had an incredible impact on my life. Her unwavering support, genuine care, and inspiring presence has impacted me in many ways. Maritza has been instrumental in helping me continue to pursue my true passions and talents even when I was losing faith. Through her unique blend of wisdom, experience and empathy, Maritza encouraged and motivated me to continue to pursue my dreams. She recognizes the importance of holistic development, emphasizing the significance of self-care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Maritza's infectious enthusiasm and positive outlook on life have become a source of inspiration for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Maritza to anyone seeking guidance, inspiration, and transformation. Her unwavering commitment to the success and well-being of others is unparalleled. Maritza's genuine passion for helping individuals unlock their true potential is a testament to her remarkable character and expertise.”

Cheree Koch

“I have had the pleasure of observing Maritza facilitate several training and leadership development sessions in Real Colors and a John Maxwell leadership game. Having been both observer and participant, her energy is infectious, and were both learning and informative experiences. Maritza can relate to participants and encourage involvement of everyone in the training and activities. She connects to participants and has a motivating presence! I always look forward to participating and observing Maritza facilitate sessions.”

Dionne Belk

“Maritza, in the most authentic fashion, delivers the Real Colors training with a dynamic approach and in a relatable manner. Her delivery all at once, provides content, context, and tangible understanding of ourselves and how we engage with and relate to others.”

Matthew Powel

“I have worked with Maritza as a Lead Facilitator, Co-Facilitator and as a participant in trainings that she has conducted throughout the enterprise. Each time we have worked together, I have been amazed at her mastery of the material and ability to adapt to the learning styles of her audience. She has shown flexibility by her willingness to adjust on the fly in the virtual space and in person; always ensuring that she is keeping the participants engaged.”

Sherifah Munis

“I couldn't be more grateful for Maritza. Maritza has a remarkable ability to offer deep insight and provide clarity in both personal and professional situations. Her unique approach is truly transformational. She has a gift for asking thought-provoking questions that has allowed me and others to uncover hidden perspectives geared toward unlocking one's potential. I am continuously impressed by Maritza's expertise, empathy, and commitment. If you're seeking a coach who can provide profound insights and help you gain clarity in all areas of your life, I wholeheartedly recommend Maritza. She is truly a wonderful coach and human being that I am grateful to have by my side.”

Aurea Figueroa

“Going through a divorce and dealing with so many emotions, I felt that I needed to talk to someone who would understand how I was feeling without feeling judged. Maritza has been that person for me. She genuinely cares and I felt comfortable sharing my deepest hurt and feelings. She shares words of wisdom during my times of struggle, at times she helps me see things from a different perspective. So that I'm not so hard on myself. She also points out how far I've come and celebrates the fact that I'm accepting the reality of what happened and coming to terms with it. Her honesty and professionalism are to be admired. I will be forever grateful for her. She is a gem.”

Carmen Boone

“Working with Maritza was always a pleasure. Her calming tone, gentle spirit would always eased my mind and racing heart especially when I knew what was about to unload on to her. Maritza's sense of self awareness and her ability to listen and be transparent made each and every visit easy for me. There was always some anxiety prior to our meetings, but after our sessions her way of making me see the common denominator would always give me a sense of peace b/c I knew she listened and cared. I knew I could trust her. Working with Maritza was a valuable experience as I am still able to apply some of the tools she taught me to deal with various issues, stressors and just daily living. I believe having a gentle soul, a listening ear helped to make my transitioning from trauma to triumph worthwhile on my path of finding me again. I thank you!”

Leslie Henriquez

“Ms. Acevedo helped me to navigate challenging life situations by offering positive and encouraging dialogue. Her goal is to help me attain greater life fulfillment by examining my strengths and skills so I can live my best life!! Her approach is genuinely empathic and professional, with a focus on interpersonal skills and relationship dynamics. I am so grateful for the contributions she's made in my life.”


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Maritza’s expertise in team-building and professional development is widely acknowledged by leaders across various organizations. Choose us for results that are tried, tested, and recognized.

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